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Sunil Bohra

Born to Shanti and Surendra Bohra on August 2nd 1972 in a family where cinema was oxygen more than oxygen itself, Sunil Bohra should have had his life’s goals sorted and relatively easy to attain; it was, however, far from that.

Instead, Sunil Bohra found it necessary to step out of the comfort zone of the inheritance of Bohra Bros. in order to reconstruct from scratch a brand that today is regarded as the legacy ofBohra Bros. Sunil has fought every obstacle in the profession and overcome every personal shortcoming to be known as one of India’s most celebrated independent film producers.


Referred to and known as “THE BOHRA” in the Mumbai film industry, Sunil’s engaging charm and witty demeanor add to his invaluable traits, that of a keen sense of the business and an unforgettable persona. His small town eyes of Jodhpur(Rajasthan) first dared to dream and then witnessed the realization of ideas that have garnered applause from across the globe.


Sunil’s gut instinct about films, which were viewed as unsafe by trade pundits, and his aggressive ways to push that gut beyond limits, have been reasons for his unprecedented success. With films that have been applauded and awarded across the globe such as Gangs of Wasseypur-1 & 2, Shahid, Chittagong among many others and box-office smash hits like Tanu Weds Manu,Saheb Biwi aur Gangster and numerous others, sky is the limit for Sunil Bohra’s wings of passion in the firmament of cinema.


Today, on the brink of several international associations and with a line-up of what seems like an enviable array of films (Trishna, Batalvi,  Headley & I, Mere Apne, Akki Te Vikki Te Nikki, Blue Blood, Seven Sins, Ganglords of 1985, Jia Aur Jia, Vakratunda Mahakaaya, Kaafiron Ki Namaaz, Malegaon Ka Superman, Hansal Mehta’s next ,Meena Kumari , Sanjay Gandhi , The Accidental Prime Minister), Sunil Bohra continues writing a chapter that can never be overlooked when the Gospel of Indian cinema is penned.

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