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Bohra Bros Goes Digital


The production house known for having produced more than 140 films, like Gangs Of Wasseypur, Shahid, Shaitan, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster. The company also produced content for TV & Digital content since 1947; now starts its Digital Wing to help Startup Companies. 


National award winning director, Hansal Mehta will be the creative director & mentor of the company along with Founder Sunil Bohra. 


The mission of the initiative is to help people who are starting up a new company & have little or less funds to make it commercial.     Bohra Bros will provide A TO Z of Marketing & Promotion. From AV to Print, etc. 


"Most of the times, startups have very little of everything time, money, office space etc. We don't want anyone to compromise on any aspect. We are known to make films at the cost that no one can ever dream of! For example, National award winning film 'Shahid' had a COP of 60 lacs. Agreed that it is really hard but we made it possible that too without compromising on any aspect of the film.," says Founder Sunil Bohra. 


This type of opportunity has never been offered by any production house ever in the start up space.

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