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Shree Ram Bohra Ji

Mr. Shree Ram Bohra, a simple man hailing from the picturesque Jodhpur travelled to the city of dreams Bombay in 1947."Picture paison se nahin junoon se banti hai" a trite preposition seems to be coined for Shri Ram Bohra who along with his brother Mr. Ram Kumar Bohra founded BOHRA BROS in 1948... and thus started a journey that never ceased to exist. He forayed into film production with ‘LACHAK’ starring Amarnath and Gita Bali with all that he had in those days... The film bombed at the box office... when people felt it was end of the day for Shri Ram Bohra... the resilient jodhpuri got up, dusted his clothes with a one liner "musibaton ka pahad hee toota hai himmat nahin tooti hai" .  He plunged into another venture...  and this time lady luck smiled on him... the film was Al Hilal a mega blockbuster remembered in this time and age too for the mother of all qawwalis "Humen Toh Loot Liya".


In 1958 he became an executive member of Indian Motion Picture Producer Association (IMPPA), the exclusive film producers’ body in India. Due to his single minded obsession to take the Indian Film Industry to dizzy heights Shri Ramji Bohra was elected as its president in 1972, a position he served for record 12 long years.


It was Shri Ramji Bohra's astute leadership that steered the film industry through one of its most critical and challenging phases. if you were from the world of films then Shgri Raji Bohra was the go to man for you no matter what the time of day or night it was. It was due to selfless devotion that Shri Ramji Bohra was elected unanimously as the presdent year after year not only to IMPAA but also to FMC the apex body of Indian Film Industry. Shri Ramji Bohra also constructed a building called "Movie Towers" in 1982. This building was constructed at a no profit-no loss basis and apartments were given to the film industry people at a throw away price.


In the 60’s the able father's able sons joined him and business and started expanding for the company. They diversified into Film Distribution in 1960, Theatres in 1977, Studios in 1984. Today the company has Pan India presence with physical offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Indore.


One of Mr. Shree Ram Bohra’s unfulfilled wishes was to build a hospital, in his hometown Jodhpur, where people could be treated free of charge. On April 1st 1997, his first death anniversary, his sons built a special wing called “Shree Ram Bohra Memorial Wing” at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Jodhpur where the poor and needy are treated by the best of doctors free of charge.


The baton is now in the hands of grand sons who are carrying on the legacy and vision of Shri Ramji Bohra forward. Shri Ramji Bohra's journey can be summed up in a couplet by the noted Poet and lyric writer Majrooh Sultanpuri "Main Akela Hee Chala Tha Janibe Manzil Magar Log Aate Gaye Aur Carvaan Banta Gaya"

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